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Manual Therapy

Mobilisation: Joint mobilisation involves hand or thumb pressure applied to joints in specific directions.

The techniques are graded from gentle to firm as indicated by assessment and your pain. They are effective techniques to reduce pain or stiffness in any joints.

Manipulation: Physiotherapists are experienced in determining if you require a joint manipulation. Manipulation techniques are sometimes required for eliminating persistent stiffness and may result in immediate relief of your pain or stiffness. These techniques involve a quick 'thrust' applied to the joint at its end range and often result in an audible "click' being heard as pressure is released from the joint.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET): Assessment of joint position and alignment often shows an asymmetry or imbalance that can be related to muscle tightness and overactivity. Muscle energy techniques are specific contract/relax stretching techniques applied directly to the muscles by the Physiotherapist to assist restoration of muscle balance around the joints. These are gentle techniques and are often complimented with specific stretches or exercises to maintain the improved joint position and balance.

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